Meeting Agenda
8:30 – 9:30

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9:30 – 9:40

We will kick off the event at 9:30, covering all the important announcements for the day.

Speaker TBD

Latest Chemicals Policy in the EU – Current Enforcement Policies and Future Trends.

Exploring the current developments of the EU’s chemical legislation;

Delving into topics such as Classification and Labelling, PFAS, Microplastics, F-GAS, and Green Chemistry in the EU; and

Where the EU chemicals policy is heading in the future.

Marko Susnik, senior advisor at Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO)

kdc/one Home Care Division Experience Sharing – How to Manage Regulatory Compliance

Managing regulatory compliance is essential for businesses to operate ethically and avoid legal risks and is crucial for companies operating across borders.

This presentation will cover the following challenges:

Diverse Regulations: Different countries have varying regulatory frameworks. Navigating these complexities requires an understanding of local laws, standards, and cultural nuances;

Constant Changes: Regulations evolve and keeping up with updates and ensuring compliance can be demanding;

Language and Translation: Understanding legal documents in different languages can be tricky. Accurate translation is crucial to avoid misinterpretation;

Resource Allocation: Allocating resources (financial, human, and technological) for compliance efforts can strain budgets and workforce;

Supply Chain Compliance: Ensuring suppliers adhere to regulations is challenging, especially in global supply chains; and

Risk Assessment: Identifying and mitigating compliance risks across diverse markets is essential.

Giuliana Tacchini, regulatory director at kdc/one Home Care

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New Opportunities to the UK Chemical Industry – 2024 Global and Trade Opportunities

DBT Global Network Overseas and UK Government Support 2024/2025
- An overview of the support provided by the Department for Business and Trade (DBT) through its global network and UK government initiatives, aimed at fostering international trade opportunities for the UK chemical industry in 2024 and 2025;
Impact of New Trade Deals on the UK Chemical Industry
- An analysis of how newly negotiated trade agreements are expected to affect the UK chemical industry, highlighting opportunities and challenges brought about by these deals;
UK REACH Consultation: Alternative Transitional Registration Model (ATRm)
- A discussion on the UK REACH Consultation, focusing on the proposed Alternative Transitional Registration Model (ATRm) and its implications for the chemical industry in the UK; and
2024/2025 DBT Activities in Global Markets
- Details on the planned activities and initiatives by the DBT in key global markets, including the EU, China, India, and the USA, aimed at enhancing the competitiveness and a global presence of the UK chemical industry.

Alastair Gardner, trade specialist at Department for Business and Trade (DBT), UK.

Crafting a Winning Global Regulatory Strategy: Navigating the Cutting Edges of Biocidal Regulatory Compliance

Describing the evolving landscape of biocidal regulations worldwide, challenges, and opportunities in developing sustainable biobased (green antimicrobials) alternatives for certain biocidal products;

How to streamline compliance processes and ensure timely adherence to regulatory requirements;

Developing robust risk assessment methodologies to evaluate the safety and efficacy of biocidal products in compliance with regulatory and/or other standards;

Adopting a proactive and adaptive approach to compliance management, anticipating future regulatory challenges, and adapting strategies accordingly to maintain a competitive edge in the market; and

 Integrating sustainability and environmental stewardship principles into regulatory strategies, aligning with global trends towards more eco-friendly and socially responsible practices in the biocidal industry.

Greta Waissi, vice president, head of regulatory affairs at NordShield and chair of the Finnish Society of Toxicology (FST)

Navigating Global Animal Testing Requirements

This presentation will provide an overview of the diverse global animal testing requirements in chemical regulation, exploring key geographic differences. Alternatives to animal testing and strategies for compliance will also be discussed.

Current state of global animal testing requirements;

Examination of geographic differences in animal testing regulations;

Alternatives to animal testing: in vitro, in silico methods, and integrated testing strategies (ITS);

Strategies for navigating compliance and maintaining up-to-date documentation; and

Experience sharing and best practices.

Barae Jomaa, PhD, ERT, principal toxicologist and international regulatory lead at Colonial Chemical

Panel Discussion: How can the chemical industry develop more sustainably?

This panel discussion will be moderated by Dorothee Arns, director general at the European Association of Chemical Distributors (Fecc).

The discussion will provide a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in achieving sustainability and carbon neutrality in the chemical industry, offering actionable insights and fostering collaborative efforts towards a greener future.

Key topics for discussion include:

Key achievements and milestones in the journey towards sustainability in the chemical industry;

Technical and financial barriers to implementing sustainable technologies;

Adoption of green chemistry and sustainable production methods;

Developing and implementing comprehensive carbon reduction strategies;

Impact of international agreements and national regulations on sustainability efforts;

Benefits of strong ESG practices for stakeholder engagement and investment;

The importance of collaboration across the industry to drive sustainability; and

The long-term vision for a sustainable and carbon-neutral chemical industry.

GHS: A Global Overview of its Implementation

A brief introduction to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) and its revisions;

Global overview of GHS implementation in different countries and regions;

The impact of the different implementation on international trade: SDS and label rules variabilities; and

Regulatory lists and examples of REACH-like regulations outside Europe.

Ziannah Dehlle Pasion, regulatory affairs specialist at Telematic

Sustainability, ESG and Net Zero: The Real Meaning

The importance of Sustainability, ESG, and Net Zero in today’s Chemical Industry;

 Chemical production sustainability implementation;

 Applying lifecycle analysis and circular economy principles;

 ESG criteria, the path to Net Zero, and the journey’s opportunities;

 The role and voice of industry stakeholders; and

 Looking to the future.

Dr Geoff Mackey, UK country manager at Plastics Europe

Coffee break
Chemical Regulatory Challenges in China – How to Manage Compliance in the Supply Chain

 Current challenges of MEP Order 7 (China REACH) registrations;

QR code compliance in different regions; and

Other updates including China's GHS, and Carbon Certifications.

Bryan Zhou, deputy general manager of CIRS Europe

2024 K-REACH Deadline – Develop your Registration Strategies and Take Action!

 Latest progress of 100-1000 tonnage registrations under the Korea REACH (K-REACH);

Registration procedures, requirements, and challenges; and

Other regulatory updates in South Korea including the K-BPR and SDS submissions under KOSHA.

Junho Lee, director of CIRS Group Korea

Panel Discussion: Global supply chain challenges for the chemical industry

This panel discussion aims to provide valuable insights and practical strategies for addressing the complex challenges that face the global supply chain in the chemical industry including:

The current landscape;

Supply chain vulnerabilities and risks;

The role of digitalization and AI in enhancing supply chain resilience;

Sustainability and ESG considerations in supply chains;

The impact of trade policies and regulations; and

The future outlook and emerging trends.

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